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Directions for Volunteer Service Activities with Organizations not in iServe  

While we encourage students to be active and complete service in the Morgantown area with official WVU campus and community partners, we understand that students often complete service in their hometown. 

Hours completed by students that are associated with a Need posted by an Organization NOT in iServe may be tracked in the system.  

  1. Check to be sure the Organization is not in iServe, if an Organization is in iServe, but does not have need posted -- you may contact the organization directly. 
  2. Review the guidelines for service.
  3. Complete the "Pre-approval Request Form" 
  4. The CS&L will review your request. You will receive an email either requesting additional information or that includes an approval of service and further directions. KEEP THIS EMAIL!
  5. Complete your service.
  6. Track your hours episodically. (e.g., as they are completed.)
    • When tracking your hours, select the volunteer Need titled "Volunteer Service Not Listed in iServe". Include a brief summary of the service performed and the name of the host organization in the description box.
  7. CS&L will verify and approve/deny hours of service.

Pre-Approval Request Form


  • A request form must be completed for each new host organization.
  • Hours must be tracked within 12-months of the service being completed. 
  • If you have completed service and did not seek pre-approval, contact the Center for Service and Learning at