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Who We Are

Strengthen the fitness community for Christ-centered living and impact.

Engage by inspiring the community to pursue greatness through authentic relationships, social media and competition presence. Equip our community by providing enriching content, “Iron Sharpens Iron” weekend training camps three times per year, chapter events in cities around the world, and an annual “IMPACT” conference for chapter leadership teams.
Expand when our leaders and those whom they influence are mature disciples of Christ, making disciples, serving their communities and engaging and equipping others as described above.

Chapters: Volunteer-led chapters strengthen the fitness community through workouts, prayer, teaching, open discussion, social and service events. People of all beliefs are encouraged to attend. This is the heart of Faith Rx'd.

Training Events: Each ”Iron Sharpens Iron” weekend event allows participants to grow physically and spiritually as they train with our world-class coaches and connect with fellow athletes, coaches and box owners. They learn how faith can bring renewed purpose to their athletic performance, profession and relationships, and steer them in the direction God desires for their life.

Service: Apply goal setting, strength, determination and teamwork inspired by the example and admonition of Christ and refined by the challenge of functional fitness to serve a world in need. Our staff will work closely with Chapter leaders to create local and international opportunities for sustained, life-giving impact. Partnerships with other successful nonprofit service organizations may include Habitat for Humanity, Shield of Faith Missions, Living Water, Special Olympics, e3 Partners, and local churches. We base our work in this area on Christ's admonition to serve him by loving and serving our neighbor (Matthew 22:29 and 25:35-40).

Competition Presence: Leaders may pray with receptive competitors, host a devotion, and/or staff a booth for athletes and fans to become familiar with the opportunities provided by Faith Rx’d. Branded gear helps promote and fund our mission. National staff oversee coordination of primary events like the CrossFit Games, Regionals and Wodapalooza, while local chapters support local competitions.


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